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Sarva Dharshan (Free darshan) 26 Compartments / 10 Hours ; Divya Dharshan (Footpath darshan) 16 Compartments / 8 Hours and Special Entry Darshan (Rs.300) Closed (19/06/2017)


What is SawamaniPrasad.com?

Sawamaniprasad.com is your one-stop spiritual destination. We are your partner in your spiritual journey, hence our tagline - "Aastha ki Dor".

Broadly, our services for
Sawamani Prasad -
Prasad offerings and global home-delivery at ~50 top temples

Why does Sawamani Prasad exist?

Today’s India is undergoing momentous change. We Indians are progressing fast.
But, the most amazing part of this progress is that we stay true to our roots and culture. And, at the heart of our culture lies faith and devotion.

We aim to bring you closer to your faith using technology.