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Sarva Dharshan (Free darshan) 26 Compartments / 10 Hours ; Divya Dharshan (Footpath darshan) 16 Compartments / 8 Hours and Special Entry Darshan (Rs.300) Closed (19/06/2017)

About Sawamani Prasad

Sawamaniprasad.com is your one-stop spiritual destination. We are your partner in your spiritual journey, hence our tagline - "A Devotional Spot".
Sawamani Prasad is the devotional destination for users across the country, delivering devotional products and prasad online to 500+ cities and towns in India.
Giving Back Initiative: We believe and practice giving back to the society in all possible ways. Every Puja/Sawamani Prasad/sawamani order brings happiness & satisfaction, not just in the life of the client, but also in somebody else's life in India. As part of our "Giving Back" initiative, One percent of your order value would be donated by Eshwar Bhakti to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. Contributions are done on quarterly basis. Official Receipt would be shared with all clients at the end of the quarter.
We’re just getting started but our sleeves are rolled up, and we’re excited to move forward together.

Mukesh Agarwal - Online Sawamani Prasad Services founder
Mukesh  has good understanding of inner science. He followed and stayed with several Masters. He practices deep meditation and has explored areas of astral travel & energy channeling. It helped a lot in developing this provide service "Online
Sawamani Prasad" . He is a disciple of Owner of APC Cargo, having more than 15 years of experience in the field . He has served at a key position in a religious organisation for nine years. He also founded Sawamaniprasad.com.

We are the organization to provide you a personalized Sawamani Prasad services at different famous temples throughout India through our own and respective temple Sawamani Prasadri. We always try to provide you PERSONALISED /Sawamani Prasad services. In maximum cases we don't depend on any agent and send our own man to your selected temples for offering Sawamani Prasad on behalf only of you.

However, Expanding from offering Sawamani Prasads just in temples, Sawamaniprasad.com website started many other personalised services regarding online Puja/Sawamani Prasad, online purchase and your other day to day spiritual needs. You can order for rituals, Puja/Sawamani Prasads, homas etc. to be performed in your name. We will perform in a personalised form on your behalf and ship the offerings to you.

In this regard it won't be irrelevant to mention that we are not a temple or we have no any pipeline with any temple authority or temple trust and we don't get any money from any temple or particular religious institutions or leaders at all. We are a body working as an Online Sawamani Prasad and Other Religious Services Provider maintaining honesty.

In most of the cases, We perform Online Sawamani Prasad and provide Other Religious Services on behalf of devotees by going personally & physically to different Temples on behalf of those devotees or being present physically at the place of religious activities being held for those Devotees to conduct those Sawamani Prasads and those religious activities in proper way, without taking any undue advantage from that temple or temple authority or temple trust.